Friday, 24 June 2011

Rear wheel - sprocket and spindle/wheel spacers

OK - I have all the dimensions prepared.
As to the wheel spacers - I have some stainless steel. This is an aerospace grade of stainless. It’s extremely strong and once turned it has an excellent finish. It would make an ideal material for my wheel spacers. The downside is that it isn’t cheap :)

Sprocket spacer is going to be aluminium made. Aluminim is a good choice, as it’s easier to machine and fair strong :)

After measurement I drew a technical drawings of wheel spacers and sprocket spacer.
Wheel spacers are fairly quick to produce but sprocket spacer will take at least two hours to do that.

Sprocket spacer is ready :)

Wheel spacers are ready :)

45 teeth sprocket arrived

Everything fits excellent :)

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