Friday, 24 June 2011

Rear wheel - measurements

Okey-dokey then :) All measurements has been done :)
Generaly speaking, GS500 wheel looks on the old XTZ660 awesome. I can't wait when the job will done :) So far so good but few things is doubtful.

Right side.
Brake disc is too large. Original Tenere disk is quite small so I have few options:
- put smaller disc but I have'nt been able to find smaller one
- change brake caliper mounting and try to lift it and then make disc spacer on the lathe
- put completely different caliper and bracket.

I have chosen 3rd option :)

Left side:
Aluminium made sprocket carrier looks nice. I like it.
Unfortunately front and rear sprocket is out of alignment.
Inadequate alignment of the sprockets will affect wear of the chain and sprockets itselves.
Important: I have to keep front and rear wheel alignment.
Making a sprocket spacer is essential as the handling of the bike is clearly more important than wear of the chain and sprockets.
Original 39 teeth sprocket is too small. I need 45-46 teeth sprocket.
I have to match different one to existing sprocket carrier.

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