Friday, 17 June 2011

Rear wheel - summary

Yes! Rear wheel is gonna be on the bike as well :))) I did not forget about the most imortant bike element which is rear wheel ;-)

I bought Suzuki GS500 rear wheel in a black colour but younger a little bit :) It comes from very tidy K4 model so it is in brilliant condition. I must repleace black paint with Subaru Gold though but first I have to do a lots of measurments.

As you know guys - front wheel is quite easy to fit. The main rule: MUST BE in the middle of forks. Thats it! Two spacers and job is done. Of course we have to prepare proper caliper bracket because of larger brake disc, different offset etc, etc but I'll do it later.

With rear wheel the thing is more complicated. I chose same 17" wheel diameter so it is easier to do measurements.

The most important thing is: wheel/chain alignment.

XTZ660 rear wheel does not lay in the middle of swingarm so I have to make new spacers on the lathe. I use Original Yamaha wheel  as a exemplar and important is to keep yamaha original design to avoid any handling problems.
Suzuki GS500 wheel hub is few cm narower so rear sprocket will be in a bad alignment to front one. I have to make proper rear sprocket spacer to align the sprockets in a straight line.

The most hardest thing to do is fit the brake disc in the caliper properly OR make some brackets/adapters to adjust the caliper to brake disc.

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