Friday, 1 July 2011

Fuel tank XT600E

Yes! XT600E fuel tank is going to my Tenere :) Look at the pic below - XT660 tank, without Tenere fairings and panels looks rather oddly :)

I bought fuel tank from XT600E, 2002 model. As you can see on the pic - tank is much smaller than original one :)

Looks better? YEAH!
I only put the tank on the frame to get some view :)

After lots of measurements I deceided to mount the tank.
I bought XT600 tank rubber holders. I have to fix it to the frame.

I welded bolts to metal strap and then welded it to the frame.
Immediately after frame got coolled I covered it with grey primer to prevent get it rusty.
Fuel tank holder is ready :)


  1. What about the rear shock? Are you rebuilding the original? Replacing it?

  2. Hi mate. Thanks for interesting :)
    During a summer time I have been very lazy so now I have to make up for lost time :)
    I will put new descriptions and pictures soon.
    REAR SHOCK: I have already put new shock (Hagon, british made) so you can expect pictures and description too. Eirkir.

  3. hi my friend do still have old tank from can sell for me if don`t mind. my tank i fuck up last summer let me know my friend.

  4. Hi Songoro. Sorry but tank gone a year ago for a very low price. 30 quid I guess :)