Sunday, 15 April 2012

So far, so good :)

Lots of work left but as I said in the title - so far so good!!!
Bike on the wheels already! It works! Started first time! It was amazing!!!!

I have cleanded carburetors last year and make some kind of teaching film (HD quality video). Then I have copied all files from camcorder to hard drive. Unfortunately my HDD stopped working :( All data lost :( Not only carburetors video. My private holiday videos, pictures... I'm pissed off....

What is done:
wheels fitted
fuel tank fitted
radiator has been cleaned and painted. All hose clips are new
new air filter fitted - all parts removed and cleaned (pipes, air filter case etc.)
Because of different fuel tank I had to modiffied oil pipes location. All pipes and hoses are new.
cleaned carburetors. All pipes changed.

In the next posts I'll show you guys how everything was made :)

Still to do:
front brake caliper bracket
Repleace front brake piston seals
repleace fuel tap seals
make fuel tank panels and side panels
fit front headlight and indicators
mount speedo (don't know what kind of speedo yet)
mount a chain
fit rectifier to the frame

My bike now:


  1. Hi what front fork do you have , xt 600 original or xtz 660 tenere ?

  2. Hi mate. It is original XTZ660 Tenere front suspension. At the rear I have put the Hagon shock absorber. But brake caliper holders are grinded a little because of new mount.
    Expect new updates this week :) I've made some progress with my project so stay with me :)